Jessica Miller

Working with Shieh-Chi has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Her calm, grounding presence, her skill in bringing awareness to my self-limiting beliefs and her compassionate honesty supported me in stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming a more...


I found Shieh-Chi to be a wonderful coach and facilitator. She was prepared, focused and very reassuring. She employed a variety of tools and techniques to bring relevance to our discussions and ultimately, my goals. I got value out of our sessions because...


This has been a positive life changing experience for me. It’s exciting to work with someone who ‘totally gets me.’ Shieh-Chi created a safe, comfortable, neutral and non-threatening environment for us to work in. This allowed me to work openly, intensely...

Canada Lands Corporation

Shieh-Chi was adept at reconciling my personal values and integrity with workplaces values and integrity. I was able to see work situations differently and am now able to handle things differently with more positive outcomes.

Caroline Nadeau

Meeting up with you made me understand that I knew what I had to do and what was really stopping me was the inconvenient loneliness that comes from leadership and achieving.
On Snapd

On Snapd

Women Own Your Badassery: Design Your Path to Success 2Sisters Consulting is a Women’s Business Enterprise in Toronto that offers management consulting, organizational development and leadership coaching with a specialization in diversity. They held a workshop last...

Do you want to know how to bring out the best in your workplace?

Do you want to know how to bring out the best in your workplace?

I was interviewed by veteran award-winning broadcast TV and radio host, Jim Masters, on CUTVNews Talk Radio with over 2million listeners. We discussed the need to embrace diversity in our workplace and how coaching leaders can produce an inclusive environment. Join...

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