Shieh-Chi Chen is the founder of 2Sisters Consulting Inc. and the Prosperity Cafe, she is a seasoned coach and facilitator. She works with a broad range of individuals and especially enjoys working with women, minority leaders and change agents who want to make a leadership contribution to their organization and the world around them.

Shieh-Chi brings a natural coaching ability to all of her work and has an innate ability to create trust and rapport. She has a keen strategic mind and is able to connect and inspire both intellectually and emotionally. Shieh-Chi combines an ability to “get to the heart of the matter” with the courage to “ask questions that others won’t ask” and to “call it as she sees it.”


A Prosperity Cafe Coach will have you following through on your plans and commitments, and improve your effectiveness through a guided, personal discovery process.

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  • Discuss your Prosperity Blocks
  • Determine your Prosperity Draw
  • Define your Life Purpose
  • Create your Prosperity Plan

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Denise O. Green, PhD

Shieh-Chi has been my executive coach since September 2017. Her guidance, insight and coaching help me to clarify my goals and strategic directions as a newly minted C-suite member. Often times you don't know what you don't know and Shieh-Chi provides a...

Heather Spratt

Shieh-Chi's group facilitation and one-on-one coaching skills were not only inspiring - they were immediately effective. With just a few well-positioned questions, she helped me hone in on my areas to develop, and determine a plan to reach my goals. Within...

Joanne Jasper

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with Shieh-Chi Chen for executive coaching services for myself and for the staff of the agency where I was the Executive Director. Shieh-Chi has high personal and professional integrity. She has a warm, friendly...

Jessica Miller

Working with Shieh-Chi has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Her calm, grounding presence, her skill in bringing awareness to my self-limiting beliefs and her compassionate honesty supported me in stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming a more...


I found Shieh-Chi to be a wonderful coach and facilitator. She was prepared, focused and very reassuring. She employed a variety of tools and techniques to bring relevance to our discussions and ultimately, my goals. I got value out of our sessions because...


This has been a positive life changing experience for me. It’s exciting to work with someone who ‘totally gets me.’ Shieh-Chi created a safe, comfortable, neutral and non-threatening environment for us to work in. This allowed me to work openly, intensely...

Canada Lands Corporation

Shieh-Chi was adept at reconciling my personal values and integrity with workplaces values and integrity. I was able to see work situations differently and am now able to handle things differently with more positive outcomes.

Caroline Nadeau

Meeting up with you made me understand that I knew what I had to do and what was really stopping me was the inconvenient loneliness that comes from leadership and achieving.
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