Our Badass Course:

Your primary values define who you are at this time in your life.

Uncover your values and make sure the work you are doing is aligned with your prosperity goals. Is there something you want to do, something you are thinking of doing, something you are dreaming of doing, but are hesitant to take action on? This workshop will help you uncover some of your blind spots and shed light on what has been holding you back to bring you to the next level of what’s available. Untangle concerns by creating a plan to jumpstart your prosperity journey.

What this program gives you:

  • A 30 minute pre-course phone call at time of registration to fulfill on your “wants”;
  • A full day course facilitated by Executive Coach and Trainer, Sheih-Chi Chen.
  • A copy of the Women Your Own Badassery workbook.
  • Access to the “Quick Start” online program after the Badassery course (this is 2 sessions of 2 hours each).
  • Exclusive special offers for upcoming programs.

Badass Testimonials

Participants include a diverse group of women looking to transform how they think about their prosperity.

The Badass Story

Why own your Badass-self?

As women, we are stopped from owning our own Badass-self! When I talk to women about their prosperity journey, I notice a lot of commonality in the discussions: I hear frustration from having to stay in dissatisfying careers; fears of the unknown and insecurities of the unknown. Does breaking the glass ceiling hurt?! These fears can hold women back from even dreaming that prosperity is possible!

Your best years are ahead of you! For those of you who have deep resignation and believe that the future is a scary and fearful place, click here now to Own Your Badassery: Design Your Path to Success. Begin to uncover your authentic and unapologetic self to uncover what Stops your Creativity and create new strategies for getting “unstuck”. The time is now to to uncover your blind spots and align your personal aspirations with your values and life purpose.

Join like-minded women who are committed to exploring the things that cloud perceptions of our own remarkable selves and shatter limiting mental beliefs.

Improve your personal and professional outcomes right now by registering below!

In this unique interactive workshop


You will:

Uncover your authentic and unapologetic self


You will:

Uncover what Stops your Creativity


You will:

Create strategies on getting unstuck


You will:

Face fears and discover your blind spots


You will:

Align your personal aspirations with your values and life purpose

Design your path to success and fullfillment!

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