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Prosperity Accountability Group:

Have you created your plan and are ready to get started but that voice of doubt in your head won’t shut up?

At heart, you know you are doing the right thing by starting that dream business or creating that new job but find you are completely demoralized to keep going!

You are not alone! Recognize that we all get stopped, especially when we create BIG BAD HAIRY AUDACIOUS BADASSED GOALS FOR OURSELVES!

Prosperity Story

What is Prosperity for you?

Being an entrepreneur is lonely work. As a people person, I miss the “water cooler” atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration from times when I’ve worked as part of a bigger company. I particularly miss sharing ideas with like-minded colleagues and that unspoken support which permeates those situations.

So I started inviting women to be part of a closed group with like minded women working complementary businesses. I envisioned a place where we could share our frustrations, growth, perspectives and hesitations in a non-critical and supportive environment. This is the Prosperity Accountability Group.

Each participant is given time to share their professional situation and receive feedback and/or advise from others around the table. It is amazing what starts to happen for people. This open-sharing format is what has group members gain insights, innovate from different points of view, and ultimately meet their goals.

Designed as a peer-to-peer support group, this process supports creativity, innovation and partnership in a professionally facilitated, interactive format. I bring many years of coaching and facilitation experience to the table, not to mention strategies and fun techniques that will spring you into action.

I personally invite each of you to participate with me, grow your business and reach your prosperity goals!

Now is the time to join a group of motivated, like-minded Badass women who will contribute, coach, listen and be a committed accountability partner in your ventures. We meet on a regular basis to tackle challenges, lean on each other, provide advice, build connections and conduct business with each other where appropriate.

In this unique course series


You will:

Network and share knowledge with women from different backgrounds and businesses.


You will:

Gain insights into potentially difficult situations


You will:

Brainstorm from innovate, new points of view to get you thinking outside the box

We need you! So come and collaborate, inspire sharing and multiply your results!

Prosperity Accountability Group Testimonials

Participants include a diverse group of women looking to transform how they think about their prosperity.

While participating in the Prosperity Accountability Group, I made bold moves in my business that have put me on a great path for increasing my exposure and new clients. I’m grateful for having been motivated by this atmosphere of caring support from peers!

Vera K

Doula, Doulas on Bikes

I got a lot out of the Prosperity Accountability Group program, and have found myself reflecting on what I learned there… about better defining my career goals, about exploring a new business growth opportunity, and about the importance of making time for myself. The ideas that group members brought forward I found very helpful. Shieh-Chi ran the program with just the right balance of structure and flexibility, allowing certain issues more time and discussion if warranted. I especially enjoyed the sense of comradery.

Lois T

Principal, Lois Tupper Communications

Working with Shieh-Chi has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Her calm, grounding presence, her skill in bringing awareness to my self-limiting beliefs and her compassionate honesty supported me in stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming a more successful entrepreneur.

She operates from an understanding that our business success is influenced as much by our energetic and thought patterns as it is by our marketing and networking. The encouragement, accountability and motivation which she provides is incredibly effective and empowering. By working with her, I was able to build up the courage and determination to pursue my ideal clients and lay the groundwork for strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Having worked with a business coach before, I thought I knew what to expect. Shieh-Chi is unlike any other business coach I’ve encountered. She understands what businesses need to succeed– grounded, passionate, dedicated leaders– and she is a powerful conduit to helping her clients become just those leaders.

Jessica M

Principal, Space Logix, Holistic Organizer and Reiki Practitioner

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