An essential part of growth is shedding the weight collected when we begin to carry things we are convinced is necessary to our well being such as our belief in what we can and cannot accomplish.

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Your primary values define who you are at this time in your life. Uncover your values and make sure the work you are doing is aligned with your prosperity goals. Is there something you want to do, something you are thinking of doing, something you are dreaming of doing, but are hesitant to take action on? This workshop will help you uncover some of your blind spots and shed light on what has been holding you back. Untangle concerns by creating a plan to jumpstart your prosperity journey.

In this unique interactive workshop you will:

Uncover your authentic and unapologetic self

Uncover what Stops your Creativity

Create strategies on getting unstuck

Face fears and discover your blind spots

Align your personal aspirations with your values and life purpose.

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About the organizer:

The Prosperity Cafe is dedicated to women who have a feeling that there is more. It is committed to the woman who wants to wake up full of energy, raring to go and take in all the wonders of the day, who has ideas to explore, uncover and bring to life. The Prosperity Cafe is a place where women are lovingly guided to untangle their fears.


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