Working with Shieh-Chi has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Her calm, grounding presence, her skill in bringing awareness to my self-limiting beliefs and her compassionate honesty supported me in stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming a more successful entrepreneur.

She operates from an understanding that our business success is influenced as much by our energetic and thought patterns as it is by our marketing and networking. The encouragement, accountability and motivation which she provides is incredibly effective and empowering. By working with her, I was able to build up the courage and determination to pursue my ideal clients and lay the groundwork for strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Having worked with a business coach before, I thought I knew what to expect. Shieh-Chi is unlike any other business coach I’ve encountered. She understands what businesses need to succeed– grounded, passionate, dedicated leaders– and she is a powerful conduit to helping her clients become just those leaders.

Jessica Miller

Holistic Organizer and Reiki Practitioner, Principal, Space Logix

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