We all say we want accountability when delivering on our projects, but we don’t always take the necessary actions to create that structure. So how do you know if a program or accountability structure is the right one for you?

For me, (and I’ll bet for you too!) budget and time are always important considerations and so I have developed the following criteria that I use when deciding whether I should attend a program:

  1. Will it further my business and my work?
  2. Will it improve me as a person and thereby improve my relationships, my business and my work?
  3. Is it an opportunity for fun and being social?

Sometimes my budget makes my decision, and at other times my schedule is the limiting factor. I also always make sure that I build in time for fun events with friends and family.

I assert that participating in the upcoming Prosperity Accountability Group which starts on October 12, 2018 is an opportunity that covers all 3 items above. But why take my word for it? Here are some testimonials from previous PAG participants.

Shieh-Chi has an effective facilitation style, blending her leadership skills to coach and mentor – a combination that makes it easy to thrive in. Being part of a prosperity accountability group with other women has been motivational in the most supportive way, seeing that we all face fears and challenges all the time. I love the environment created where we can get into action without shame or blame but with nurturing and encouragement. Thanks Shieh-Chi!

Vera Kevic

I’m currently taking part in Shieh-Chi’s Prosperity Accountability Group and I honestly can’t say enough about how beneficial it has been! It’s an opportunity to meet regularly with a diverse group of accomplished women to explore, discuss, challenge and honor each other. Being able to talk about goals and what we all hope to accomplish in a safe and supportive environment has been a truly inspiring experience. Thank you, Shieh-Chi!

Lynn Zeelenberg

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