Women Own Your Badassery: Book



Clarify your passion and move from fearful to fierce!

  • Find out what holds you back from getting what you want.
  • Revitalize your attitude commitment and game.
  • Learn the prosperity is an attitude, you can attract it.
  • By your passion and purpose.
  • Uncover your authentic an unapologetic self.
  • Align your personal aspirations.
  • I’ll be happy when I…
  • I know I’ll be prosperous when I…
  • Discover what holds me back for my Badassery.
  • Discover my life purpose.
  • Align my values with the work I do.
  • Dissolve my fears and build self-confidence.

As women, we are stopped from owning our own Badass-self! When I talk to women about their prosperity journey, I notice a lot of commonality in the discussions: I hear frustration from having to stay in dissatisfying jobs; fears of the unknown and insecurities about the future. These fears can hold women back from even dreaming that their prosperity is possible!

This book is for those of you who have accepted that you cannot make any changes because the the future is an uncertain and fearful place. You will begin to uncover your authentic and unapologetic self to uncover what stops your creativity and create new strategies for getting “unstuck”.


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