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The definition of prosperity

…is a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune. Are you living a life that is successful, flourishing, or in thriving condition, especially in your financial life?

The Badass Story

Calling all mid to late career women!

You have been busy building your career and taking care of your home – you are part of the sandwich generation with children and elderly parents. You feel squeezed and you know you want a change but are not sure how to do it. Changes will have a financial implication, yikes! You are worried about your family and your future. Who will take care of old you if youngish you is busy using up your resources taking care of others? Prosperity Cafe is here for busy women to hold each other up with accountability and support. Come discover your strength and create personal options.

Join us at our $20 sessions and discover your prosperity mentality. By participating in the programs of the Prosperity Cafe, you can achieve your personal and financial ambitions and work your way through your mental money blocks.

Your registration enables you to:

  • Discuss your Prosperity Blocks
  • Determine your Prosperity Draw
  • Define your Life Purpose
  • Create your Prosperity Plan

Join like-minded women who are committed to exploring the things that cloud perceptions of our own remarkable selves and shatter limiting mental beliefs.

Improve your personal and professional outcomes right now by registering below!

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